Turner, J.M.W. (1775-1851), 'Bridge and Goats', Etching & Mezzotint, 1812.

'Bridge and Goats', Etching & Mezzotint, 1812.

Drawn and etched by J.M.W. Turner, engraved by F.C. Lewis. From the 'Liber Studiorum'. Printed on wove paper. Bearing the Turner sale stamp.

This plate is a combination of etching, aquatint and mezzotint. F.C Lewis, the engraver, complained that the etched design varied from the original drawing and therefore made his job more difficult. Turner reacted to this complaint by suggesting that in the future Lewis should transcribe the original drawing to the etching plate and he, Turner, would correct and amplify the first biting. Lewis, realising that he would be involved in extra work, demanded a 50% raise in his fee. Turner's answer was to terminate his employment.

Rawlinson, believing this to be the first print done for the Liber Studiorum, theorised that Turner had intended the series to be etching and aquatint. Finberg disagreed claiming proof which dates this print December 1807, six months after the first part, comprising five prints, had been published. Gillian Forrester's opinion, in the most recent study of the 'Liber', tends towards the opinion of Rawlinson.

Reference: 43 i/v.

Plate size: 21.1 x 29.2 cm
Image size: 18.2 x 25.5 cm


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