Turner, J.M.W. (1775-1851), 'Isis', Etching & Mezzotint, 1819.

'Isis', Etching & Mezzotint, 1819.

Drawn and etched by J.M.W. Turner, engraved by W. Say. From the 'Liber Studiorum'. Printed on laid paper.

Similar to a drawing from the 'Studies for Pictures Isleworth' sketchbook, 1805. Although an oil, based on the sketch, is known as 'Thames at Weybridge', the typography remains unidentified. There are also obvious similarities with Isleworth, F. 63. Stopford Brooke claims this to be a scene in Petworth Park explaining that 'the temple behind the trees beside the lake is called the temple of Isis, and it gives its name to the engraving'.

Reference: F.68 iii/v.

Plate size: 20.9 x 29.2 cm
Image size: 18 x 26.2 cm


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