Turner, J.M.W. (1775-1851), 'Windsor Castle from Salt Hill', Etching & Mezzotint, c. 1818.

'Windsor Castle from Salt Hill', Etching & Mezzotint, c. 1818.

Drawn and etched by J.M.W. Turner, engraved by Charles Turner. From the 'Liber Studiorum'. Printed on wove paper.

The plate was bought by 'Pearson' at the Turner sale, in 1873, and an edition, on smooth modern paper, was printed soon after. Finberg traced ten contemporary impressions, six are in the Museum of Fine Art Boston, three in the Royal Academy, London, and one in the British Museum. According to Gillian Forrester, this plate was based on a preliminary watercolour which derives from a pencil drawing in the 'Skies' sketchbook, made in June 1818.

Entry in Mrs Fawkes diary for 4th June, 1818:- 'Went to Eton to see boat race. Dined and slept at Salt Hill. Little Turner came with us'.

Reference: F.74 Impression printed after the Turner Sale in 1873.


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